The Gorilla Glue Lady Discovered She Has Lumps In Both Breasts During An Exam With A Surgeon

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Gorilla Glue lady just can’t catch a break!!

Tessica Brown famously used Gorilla Glue in place of her hair care products, and then couldn’t get the glue out without surgery.

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Well, it just might be a blessing in disguise that the whole Gorilla Glue incident happened.

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See, Tessica decided to go to the same surgeon who got the glue out of hair, and get a mommy makeover — it includes a boob lift, breast implants, and some abdominal lipo.

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In preparation for the surgery, Tessica underwent a pre-surgery consultation with Doctor Michael Obeng where he examined her breasts.

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In the process of the examination, Dr. Obeng found a lump in each of Tessica’s breasts.

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According to TMZ, Tessica underwent a mammogram to confirm the lumps in her breasts.

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Luckily, she was able to get right in, and get the masses removed. They are currently being examined to see if they are cancerous.

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She feels everything that happened with the Gorilla Glue incident was supposed to lead her to this very moment — and she’s grateful Dr. Obeng found the lumps now, and not further down the road when it might have been too late.


Our thoughts go out to Tessica, and we will keep you updated as we hear anything else.

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