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Starbucks Is Selling A $3 Color Changing Cup for Valentine’s Day and I’m Off To Get One

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Starbucks has come to play in the love game. That is, with adorable Valentine’s Day cups that you can fill with a cup of love aka coffee.

Every year Starbucks releases new holiday themed cups and this year is no exception.

Last year Starbucks released the purple hot cup with hot pink lips that turned red with a hot drink inside.

This year, their cup is a little less colorful but just as cute. It’s a white cup covered in colored hearts.

But put a hot drink inside and watch the magic happens as the bright hearts fade into more pastel hearts. So cute!


Now you should know, this cup is going to be super hard to come by a bit like a Unicorn.


The good news is, your local Starbucks should have some. It’s worth calling ahead to ask if they do before making a trip.


These cups are only $3 and are reusable hot cups. So, you know you need one or maybe a few!

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