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Mountain Dew’s New Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Is Here and Now I’m Thirsty

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When I was a teenager, Mountain Dew was my drink of choice. I used to grab one every morning before school and it was how I existed.

These days, coffee is my fuel of juice and the reason I can manage a day. But every once in a while I find myself craving a Mountain Dew, especially when they bring out new flavors.

Promotional image for Spark leaked by u/pm_me_your_last_pics on r/MountainDew

The newest flavor that Mountain Dew has introduced is Mtn Dew SPARK! People that have tried it say that it has the traditional Mountain Dew flavor with raspberry and lemonade added! That sounds amazing and perfect for summertime!

Just think about that over some crushed ice and dressed up with some fresh fruit!

The label has a cool black and white checkered border that makes you think of race cars! That totally makes sense, since we heard that it’s only available at Speedway gas stations. Boo! It’s also a limited edition, so that makes a double boo!


Guess what else? There isn’t even a Speedway gas station anywhere near me. So how am I supposed to try it?? Oh wait, there is one in Texas City which is right near Galveston… a road trip to the beach? Maybe…

Anyhow, even though I can’t run out and try one right now, I hope that you can! It sounds like the perfect ice-cold drink on a hot summer day!


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