Texas Mom Criticized For Shockingly Feeding Her Child Over 100-Slices Of Bread Per Month

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An unnamed Texas woman is being criticized for feeding her daughter a shocking amount of bread each month – over 100 slices.

She defends this strange diet saying, “My daughter is growing like a weed and her doctor thinks she’s healthy, so what’s wrong with that?” Before she started this diet, the woman says her daughter was picky and would rarely eat the food placed in front of her.

Now she’s eating almost everything on her plate and has grown two clothing sizes in only a matter of months.

Texas Mom Criticized For Shockingly Feeding Her Child Over 100-Slices Of Bread Per Month

Her inlaws are leading the witch hunt against said mom with her mother-in-law being her biggest critic.

“In my day, my kids were all fed homemade meals and didn’t take part in these ‘fad diets’ that kids today are into. It’s sickening that she can’t take the time to take care of my granddaughter properly.” The mother-in-law continues by saying, “In my day there was no such thing as picky eaters. Kids ate what was in front of them, or they didn’t eat.”

The mom defends herself. As a busy, working mom she feels justified in her decision on how to feed her child. “Sometimes its for convenience, sometimes it’s what she wants. Either way, she’s happy and healthy, isn’t that enough?”

While parents feel like they’re always under attack for their parenting decisions this moms decision could bring about life-long consequences for her daughter.

Nutritionist to the stars, Joanna Blythman, says we don’t need to be feeding our kids starchy carbs at all. That most kids do well on plant-based, raw diets.

Other nutritionists warn that restrictive diets can be harmful to kids, putting them at risk for nutritional deficiencies. That kids need starches and carbs in order to grow.

But is this mom going too far? How much is too much, and where do we draw the line?

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  1. Growing up we didn’t have lots of money – white bread was a staple food in our house 1-2 slices with breakfast, 2 slices with dinner every night and if we were hungry at anytime we would eat bread, marg and jam.
    Stop criticising this woman. ?

  2. My son is 18! I pack him 4 sandwiches a day to go to school he runs 9-12 miles a day. Eats 1 for breakfast on the way to school 2 for lunch and one on way home from running (that’s 160 slices a month just at school) Then eats dinner. He’s healthy. My mother in law was also not happy about but sometimes you just gotta tell them to mind their own. I saw good job to this mom. Your child is eating and that’s more than we can say for some children in this country.

  3. I turned out fine. My dad would give me a Flinestone Vitamin with sandwiches on sandwiches. I was happy and yes, that was a lot of bread, but good stuff came on that bread.

  4. That is 3 pieces of bread per day. 2 for a sandwich at lunch and 1 for toast at breakfast or 1 for dinner. How is that bad? That sounds like a normal meal for most kids growing up from the 1950’s thru present day.

  5. I just read the remarks. Thanks for reminding us this is totally fake news!

  6. This grandma never had to deal with a autistic child who deals with sod and a geographical tongue like i do. With my son its what ever we can get him to eat cause he will starve himself (ive done the tough love with him thats how i know he will starve himself). Sometimes its chicken nuggets for a month n sometimes its pbj. Ive taking the stance that usually left to the nursing vs formula arrgument that fed is best no matter what he eats.

  7. I think it shouldn’t be up for public debate. The mom said the Dr said the child is healthy. That is between her and her doctor alone! MIL needs to butt out.

  8. My son is 7 and all he eats are the $1.29 pizzas. If it’s not spaghetti or mac and cheese then he eats pizza for dinner. He will go 2 days with out eating before I give in and give him a pizza. I am a single mom working 40 plus and food cost alot so i cant buy alot of the normal foods. Corn dogs and pizza and stuff that can go along ways like chicken or hamburger. When I get off a 12 hr shit cooking isn’t what I want to do so he makes his own and he is happy. He is 4 feet tall and 56 pounds. He is perfect. So grandmas but out and the time has changed. Both parents have to work to make it these days. Your son can cook to if he doesn’t like it.

  9. Her in-laws need to back off. Mama you feed her what she’ll eat. I have 3 special needs kids and the staples in my house- corn dogs and pizza are they healthy? Psh no, but it’s healthier than them starving themselves which they’ll do. If the doctor says it’s ok then who are your in-laws to even comment. If she seemed unhealthy this mama would find another way to nourish her kid but she cares and takes her child to the doctor to make sure all is well which is more than plenty of parents do.

  10. 100 pieces/30 days in a month = 3.33 pieces a day. Hey, 1 at breakfast, 2 for lunch, and another with dinner. Not understanding the problem here. Perhaps Grandma would like to stop by daily and prepare a “wholesome” dinner (and bring the supplies to make this dinner, too.)

    1. I agree, did the math and it equates to 2 sandwiches a day!! I have a growing boy who can eat two Huge ham salad sandwiches in a sitting and still be hungry ?

  11. How many parents of spoiled rotten kids can’t get their kids to eat anything other then chicken nuggets and pizza?? Don’t underestimate the power of a stubborn child.

  12. But out Grandma not ur call! Doc says shes healthy! Also I was born in the 50’s an was an still am the pickiest eater ever so there. Maybe she needs money to supplement grocerys. Now thats where you can help. Did you have a buttinsky mother-in-law I did and I remember how it felt if she would have helped me with food that would have been wonderful.

  13. Bye bye Grandma our butt of her business. The Dr will tell her if the kids have problem. You had your turn Now it’s hers.

  14. Lol A slice of toast at breakfast, sandwich for lunch, roll or biscuit with dinner… that’s 4 pieces of bread a day, over 30 days = 120 pieces of bread a month.

    Even with home cooking that’s not unreasonable. This is ridiculous. That MIL needs to get her own life. She reared her child. Let her grandchild’s patents rear the grandchildren.

    She exemplifies the reason in-laws get a bad rap.

  15. I think it’s rediculous for any one to criticize this mother for what she feeds her child . If the child is healthy and happy what is the problem ? And the in laws. … why would you think you have any right in how this child is raised or fed ? I had sandwiches everyday growing up and I’m perfectly fine . So if your child is OK with it , you go mom !!!

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