5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids

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People shouldn’t have to vaccinate their kids. In fact, parents absolutely know what’s best for their kids in every situation, which is why you’ve never heard of a mom calling a doctor at two AM because her child has a fever.

Moms automatically know exactly what to do. They know better than anyone what their child needs or doesn’t need.

That’s why the vaccination debate is so ridiculous to me…because moms inherently know more than everyone. Which brings me to this… 5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids.

5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids #vaccinate #vaccinatedebate #vaccinations #kidsvaccinations #vaccinatekids

When a woman conceives a child, the entirety of human knowledge is written into her essence and as that child is brought forth unto this world, that knowledge flowers in her mommy brain and every decision she makes for her child is absolutely the right, and only right decision.

So who are we to judge those moms that choose NOT to vaccinate THEIR kids?

Before you get your mom panties in a knot, hear me out…

5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids

1. You don’t like them, anyway.

I get it. Some kids are just born a little more awful than others. So if your plan is to not vaccinate your kid in hopes that they’ll catch some horrible virus that’ll off them so you can start over, sure. That makes total sense.

It’s evil, and disgusting, and I hope you get a million fire ant bites, but hey, the good news is that’s less likely to happen to you than your child catching something deadly because you’re an inherent dumb-dumb.

5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids #vaccinate #vaccinatedebate #vaccinations #kidsvaccinations #vaccinatekids

2. You’re more scared of big scientific sounding words than you are of viruses that have killed millions upon millions of people.

I get it! Vaccines have a lot of big, scary words. And, some of the ingredients in vaccines have been linked to carcinogenic risks and I bet even a very eensy teensy tiny portion of the population might be allergic to some of the ingredients and they might have a bad reaction.

Know what? That’s why the doctor keeps you at the office for 15 minutes after your child receives a vaccine. That way if they react, the doctor can fix it. Nifty set up, huh?

As for the scary words, know what other scientific word kills people? Dihydrogen monoxide. And yet you still put it into your body every single day. So put away your dictionary, and stop freaking out over words that you maybe don’t understand.

5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids #vaccinate #vaccinatedebate #vaccinations #kidsvaccinations #vaccinatekids

3. You believe all internet memes are true.

“Gandhi was against vaccines. A mother flipping meme told me so.” Yeah, I’ve seen that meme. And I’ve looked it up. And you know what he compared vaccines to? Eating beef.

Vaccines are as bad as eating beef because cows and all life is sacred. So here’s where that comes from: the small pox vaccine was derived from cows infected with cow pox. Which means that every person who received a small pox vaccine was being given a small amount of cow.

I can definitely understand why a man whose religion holds cows as sacred would be against being injected with one. But unless you, too, are a fruitarian (which he was), perhaps you should put down your Big Mac and go get your kids their freakin’ vaccines.

4. You’d rather your children build their immunity to things like polio and measles naturally…just like you did.

Oh, wait. You didn’t have polio did you. Know why? ‘CAUSE YOUR PARENTS GOT YOU VACCINATED!

5. You know more about vaccines from that one article you read online than your pediatrician knows after eight years of higher education and thousands of hours of study.

I’ll just let the people in this video address that one…

Look, I understand that I don’t live in your house, I’ve not experienced your life and I certainly can’t judge you for your parenting choices. But I’m going to anyway.

Not getting your children vaccinated is really stupid. Like, it’s really stupid.

It makes me furious and makes the blood in my veins boil with hatred toward you for putting your children in such a vulnerable and dangerous position. And if it just affected YOUR children, I might even be able to hold back my vitriol; but, it doesn’t.

Your infected child can infect a child who is too young to be vaccinated. Your child can infect a child who is fighting cancer, or whose immunity has been compromised by something else entirely out of their control.

YOUR child can act as a walking time bomb and spread illnesses that haven’t been around for years all because the idea of giving them a medically sound shot scares you.

Your child deserves better. Get your kids vaccinated. Don’t be that parent that we all hate.

Jamie’s Note: To those parents who can’t vaccinate because their child is immunocompromised, or allergic, etc. this obviously isn’t directed at you. In fact, you should be the most pissed off at the people who don’t vaccinate their perfectly healthy children– because that is how your children stay safe!

5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids #vaccinate #vaccinatedebate #vaccinations #kidsvaccinations #vaccinatekids

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  1. the fiend that wrote this crap needs an education.
    if you believe the TV heads over all the doctors and nurses worldwide being censored while trying to speak up against the covid vaccine then go ahead and get it. oh wait, did you not actually do any research? i guess it looks that way. get your face back in your phone. mockery does not equal intelligence.

    please do not take medical advice from a stay at home blogger whos life experience is solely based around food.

  2. whoever wrote this is so uneducated and stupid, you’re a stay at home blogger mom not a doctor who went to med school, accept that people know more than you and vaccinate your damn kid.

    1. @addison,
      maybe you should read the article before you give your opinions on it
      this is exactly what you pro covid vaccine people are doing, just reading headlines and thinking you know all the facts.

    2. @addison, Keep your big brown nose out of sensible people’s business….makes you look like an ‘uneducated and stupid’ bully… which, obviously, you are.

      P.S. In general, most non-specialty ‘doctors’— as you call them — are technicians and pill-peddlers, with very limited knowledge and training in immunology, virology, and epidemiology, and certainly cannot be described as ‘scientists’.

  3. This topic is beyond stale. Let’s move on. PLEASE.

  4. yet the liberal says “my body, my choice”… how ironic ??

    1. And its the Republican Oklahoma governor who tweet that he hasn’t vaccinated any of his six children.
      It’s Republicans who shot down a mandatory vaccination bill for school children in Oregon. Let’s just allow all the anti vaxxers children to become vectors of potentially fatal (preventable) diseases for those children who are immuno-compromised. This is such a stupid argument and this entire article is full of misinformation. Anti vaxxers regurgitate this crap like it is gospel and are brainwashed sheeple… but by their own choice unfortunately. 99.999% of the academic, scientific and medical community agree with me…. vaccinated your da*m kids!

    2. @Me,
      maybe you should read the article before you give your opinions on it

  5. Brilliant piece ! Thanks for the direct hit against these anti-vax crazies.

  6. This is great. I was expecting this to be one of those vapid anti vax redneck blogs but I ended up having a little more faith in humanity. Bless. I am 16, fully vaxxed even though I have a serious needle phobia. You know why? BECAUSE IT ISN’T ALL ABOUT YOU. OTHER PEOPLE CAN GET WHAT YOU HAD AND DIE. Also so what if teh vaccine causes autism? I’d rather have an autistic child than a dead one

    1. Wow, I just think she is beautiful and amazing, and I am so glad you said these things!

      1. Thanks for this awesome post!

    2. You certainly seem to be 16 little one. I would rather my child have neither but then again I don’t have children. As for myself, If you’re worried my lack of vaccinations will infect others and make them sick then they should’ve gotten vaccinated. OH? Whats that? Vaccinations aren’t foolproof and even people who get them can still become sick? Sounds like it’s becoming more and more optional lol.

      1. I agree with you

  7. It won’t be likely someone’s demon spawn is going to infect an immuno-compromised person…Seventy eight percent of this years measle infections were among adults, 44% of whom were fully vaccinated. It seems like measles vaccines do not give life long immunity, like the disease usually did. Make sure all of you are up on _your_ vaccines! Maybe you need to get titers done to make sure your vaccines are still working.

    I’ll be waiting…

  8. Spaghettus, Lord of Italian Cuisine. says:

    Did you see the unvaccinated 2 year old crying?

    He was having a midlife crisis.

  9. I think CPS should get involved. It’s endangering a child. Also endangering other children and adults! People are so stupid! I’ve been in the medical field since the 90’s and my children and grandchildren are vaccinated and are very intelligent and are not autistic. Quit beating a dead horse! Move out of the country if you don’t like it here.

    1. @Heidi,
      i think CPS should take children away from parents that put chemicals with unknown consequences into their children. in any other scenario they would be criminals. do not forget, we do not know what all these vaccines will do yet. how would you feel if somebody forced you to inject your child then you later learned it was toxic?
      my guess is you have not even thought about the concept that it might not be what the TV heads are telling you. just shut up and do what you are told.

  10. But if the flight attendant had her vaccine, she shouldn’t have gotten measles. It is her own fault for not protecting herself in such an exposed line of work. How is that another person’s fault? I don’t understand why perfectly healthy people who vaccinate care what the rest of the world does. You’re vaccinated. You have nothing to worry about, right?

    1. But, what about those who are immunocompromised? Don’t they have the right not to have to worry that your demon spawn has not had their vaccinations and might pass some seemingly innocuous disease on to them because you were too irresponsible to make your children safe to others?

      1. My unvaccinated twin daughters contracted pertussis. Titers were done. They had the vaccine strain….. NOT the wild strain pertussis. Explain that .

  11. Oh the long debunked autism thing…that ridiculous study was debunked years ago, and we now have measles killing kids because of idiots like you.

  12. So because I have perfectly healthy children they have to vaccinate them?? What if they are no longer perfectly healthy when I’m done? What if they are allergic to everything and autistic? Yeah..

    And even if my children stay healthy, they suffer pain, crankiness and fever after every vaccination. To protect your kid. The first two years are SO important for development and these constantly vaccinated children are developing slower than they should. They are too busy fighting these diseases within them to learn anything, and suffering a lot . Do I care that much about your kid? They are NOT your kids. They are MINE and when I make decisions for MY children, I don’t think about others.

    1. When your unvaccinated kids gives anyone else measles and they end up like the flight attendant today – in a coma from encephalitis, the most common side effect of measles, THEN know this: we will push for criminal charges and a civil lawsuit be brought against YOU!

      Perhaps the threat of losing your liberty and all earthly possessions might make you do the smart thing and have your kid vaccinated, you intellectually lazy dummy!

      1. Just because I got the vaccine DOES NOT mean I cannot catch measles. Would you happen to know what a common side effect of the MMR ? Yeah encephalitis.

    2. She’s too stupid to have kids. There should be a law…

  13. What she said is not rude. If you don’t agree with her fine you don’t have too. However, don’t get your panties in a wad! What I am tired of is everyone being offended and needing therapy when either not everyone agrees with you or you do not get your way. Hey it is going to happen big deal. DEAL WITH IT! This is why we have Freedom of Speech!

    1. Kim, I am not offended. This is not about etiquette.It’s about life and death, and the diseases that can kill & maim but that are easily prevented. You can speak as much as you like about not vaccinating your child, but if an epidemic begins and it kills or maims others, millions of us would approve of criminalizing this shockingly STUPID behavior! And, yes, scientists CAN often pinpoint EXACTLY who began an epidemic.

  14. Fuck you and vaccinate your god damn nasty ass kids!

  15. This is complete ignorance. And mean. So much research available that you haven’t bothered to do. Anyone on the non-vaxxer side (really, most are ex-vaxxers; for example, they vaxxed their first child, that child had a reaction, and then they did research and learned more and chose differently.) …anyway, the ex-vaxxers understand the arguments and position of the pro-vaxxers. But the pro-vaxxers don’t bother to try to look further than one line repeated on the news: “Vaccines are safe and effective…” Of course they say that, the media corporations are something like 70% funded by Pharma ads. Journalists who have gone off-script on this, have faced consequences and come under fire, like Katie Couric, etc. If you want to hold an opinion, hold an opinion. But calling others “stupid”, when you have no facts or statistics is weak.

    1. Alright, first off let’s get this out of the way. She specifically said

      “To those parents who can’t vaccinate because their child is immunocompromised, or allergic, etc. this obviously isn’t directed at you. In fact, you should be the most pissed off at the people who don’t vaccinate their perfectly healthy children– because that is how your children stay safe!”

      So don’t go on about how this is insensitive to people who’s kids can’t be vaccinated. She specifically said this isn’t directed at them, so please shut up.
      And yes, big companies lie about a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean vaccines are bad. I mean, when was the last time you saw a polio epidemic that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people? Or a smallpox epidemic that’s killed millions? You haven’t. Because vaccines were invented. And no, don’t say the cases are fake. There’s no way to fake that many deaths. My great grandmother lived through it. And lost six children to it. So please, do us all a favour and shut up with your “media corporations made it up” bullshit. Oh and don’t even try to say “vaccines cause autism” because that’s just you being an ignorant prick. It’s genetic, there isn’t a cure, and it’s part of someone’s identity.

  16. Wow, the author’s mean-spiritedness trumps the complete lack of knowledge on the subject. Let’s wish this person love—to hopefully try to dissolve some of the hatred. 🙁 The vaccine court has paid out more than 3.7 billion dollars since its inception, for proven vaccine injuries and deaths—1986, when immunity was granted to the manufacturers and medical personnel that they can’t be held liable—the awards are paid out of a tax from each vaccine sold.Looking this information up could help someone make a decision that could save a life. Stay safe, people. Rule of thumb: mean-spirited ‘advice’ is probably never a good idea to listen to. Truth and love are synonymous.

  17. Wow! You’re incredibly rude and misinformed. #wedid

  18. I liked your blog until I read this. My daughter is vaxxed, but I still found this article offensive and frankly uneducated propaganda. If you are going to write a pro-vax article, write facts instead of opinion.

    Every “pro-vaxxer” on the planet uses the stupid “herd immunity” argument to support their beliefs. If only they would actually put some effort into researching the vaccine issue.

    I’m neither for or against. I am against misinformation though.

    The facts are that herd immunity does NOT work because it requires 95% of the community to be vaccinated, and for the vaccinations to work on that 95%. Not all vaccines work on all people who recieved them, there are those in the community who cannot have them either because of allergies or because their immune systems are compromised, and there are those who end up vaccine injured. There’s also a belief that you won’t catch an illness if you’ve been vaccinated for it, but that is incorrect. For 95% herd immunity EVERYBODY (including adults, elderly) needs boosters for the rest of their lives for all vaccines, as all vaccines create an unnatural immune response that does not last for a lifetime and needs to be “boosted” every so many years. How many adults do you know who are running off to the doctor to get chicken pox or polio boosters? It’s hard enough to convince people to get a flu vaccine. Everyone focuses on vaccinating the children, but forget for herd immunity to actually work, we need to continue getting boosters for life.

    Herd immunity is a stupid argument, repeated over and over by those who could not be bothered to do their research and give an intelligent response to the vaccination debate. All your blog post does is place blame on non-vaxxers, and feed into a culture of attacking those who don’t have the same beliefa that you do. I’m sure this post got a lot of traffic though, and I’m sure that was the point.

    1. I am an adult and I get every required booster when I need them. I just got my Tdap and flu shot! Here’s to another healthy year!

  19. I think this article it’s disgusting. You are publicly bashing women and judging them as idiots on their decision not to vaccinate. You have no idea what they have gone through nor why the bases their decision on it. Whether fanikys decide to or do not, it is their personal choice. You should be ashamed of yourself and do more research before pointing fingers at them and making them feel like they are idiots and try to bully and degrate them because you don’t agree. If one wants to vaccinate go a head, if one doesn’t whatever.

    1. Choosing not to vaccinate puts me, you and everyone else at risk to viruses that have been otherwise eradicated. Bashing people like this is warranted as I don’t want crazy sickness because of someone else’s stupidity. Vaccines have been around for 150+ years and have proven to prevent disease. If you decide not to vaccinate, don’t go into public. Home school your kids and keep them in a bubble. Keep them away from me and my family as to keep your disease to yourself.

      1. This is complete ignorance. And mean. So much research available that you haven’t bothered to do. Anyone on the non-vaxxer side (really, most are ex-vaxxers; for example, they vaxxed their first child, that child had a reaction, and then they did research and learned more and chose differently.) …anyway, the ex-vaxxers understand the arguments and position of the pro-vaxxers. But the pro-vaxxers don’t bother to try to look further than one line repeated on the news: “Vaccines are safe and effective…” Of course they say that, the media corporations are something like 70% funded by Pharma ads. Journalists who have gone off-script on this, have faced consequences and come under fire, like Katie Couric, etc. If you want to hold an opinion, hold an opinion. But calling others “stupid”, when you have no facts or statistics is weak.

      2. If you are vaccinated, and therefore obviously believe that vaccines work, why would the unvaccinated be threat to you?

      3. If vaccines work then you don’t have to worry

    2. Public health is a duty and shouldn’t be a choice. Frankly you sound like a moron. I have a daughter who is vaccinated but has heart and lung disease. She can’t even handle a cold with out a hospital visit. But until a child reaches a certain age they can not have certain vaccines. These awful diseases that we prevent could have killed her before she was fully vaccinated. But let me guess you are some weirdo liberal hippy who thinks they have a medical degree because they read a few online articles about the dangers of vaccines. Oh wait I know you believe Jenny McCarthy and think they cause autism.

    3. Sorry but if my kid can’t get vaccines, yet your shit spawn can be vaccinated, but your dumb, and vaccinated ass decides not to, you deserve to have bricks thrown at you.

  20. Wow this article is nothing more than trying to make parents who chooses not to vaccinate feel bad about their choice. This is ridiculous how everyone want to act like ‘sheep’ and trust the government laws and their doctors to vaccinate with their poisons in our children. But wonder why they get sick all the time compared to those that haven’t been vaccinated. They’ve got great immune system, are hardly sick and cannot pass anything to another child that has been vaccinated already. Whatever, this article is trash.

    Before any one get upset and start pointing out and complaining about those that don’t vaccinate, DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH AND STATISTICS. Stop relying on strangers like your doctors and government law that is telling you it is perfectly safe to do. When all they want to do is make their money and make more people sick so that they come back to them for more vaccinations. And make more money, they don’t give a shit about our health but to make money.

    And your fucking vaccinated children are the ones that are making everyone sick! Not the healthy child that isn’t vaccinated. Read up stories on horrible things that had happened to children who had been vaccinated, they’re sick, crippled or disabled and sometimes they die but the doctors blame something else and not the poison that is in these vaccinations…really….what the fuck is wrong with the world for not opening their damn eyes and researching?! Uneducated sheeps are the problem with today’s society.

    1. I wonder what you call “research”. Reading opinions and isolated accounts in internet forums is NOT research.
      You see, in order to prove that vaccines are “bad” you have to also come up with credible statistics.

      1. One credible start: 4 billion paid for vaccine elections by VAERS

    2. Marie, as someone who works in the medical field and has thoroughly studied microbiology and immunology, your arguement has little to no proven facts about the pathogenicity of viruses nor any statistical figures to prove your point. I feel that it is only right though to explain a little bit of behind the scenes of the medical industry though, as someone with a bachelors degree in it. You see, the way it works is that even if an unvaccinated child has a great immune system, they can still carry dormant viruses around that can then infect other children who are immunocompromised or too young to be vaccinated. Many children and young adults are actually typically sick from the over use of antibiotics in previous years which have produced antibiotic resistant bacteria and hindered the use of the immune system. Essentially creating stronger infections. Viruses on the other hand work slightly differently. They infect people through DNA. By providing a small dose of dead bacteria to the body the immune system can naturally provide a very good defense against future infections through the use of memory cells that store the information of how to fight the infection.
      As for your remarks about the government wanting you to be sick so they can make more money, honestly this is highly inaccurate because currently more of the country is chronically ill than what medical professionals can care for. The current health initiative is prevention for middle aged adults in order to alleviate some strain on the healthcare industry, and to decrease the medical impacts on those who already have chronic illnesses because let’s be honest there’s no way we can keep up with the current level of sick patients in the United states especially as the baby boomers are reaching peak age for chronic illnesses.

    3. Parents who choose to not vaccinate their able children should feel bad. If you want to be mad at any industry for making the American public sick, put all of this energy toward being mad at the processed food industry.

      Trying to dissuade people from vaccinating their children just because they aren’t 100% effective in all cases and *may* cause allergic reactions in a relatively small group is dangerous and jeopardizes the health of many children.

      Lastly, I would argue that anti-vaxxers are the sheep in the debate because they are bandwagoning a trend of false information that has absolutely zero scientific proof. Blindly following something like that is being a sheep.

    4. @Jillian,
      I don’t know who you’re addressing with your name-calling or which side of the argument you’re on. I would suggest, however, that if you’re tempted to call someone an imbecile, the first thing you might want to do is learn how to spell the word.

  21. I don’t know why I can’t see my replies so I’m going to them here.
    Simone: look up herd immunity.
    Grunge Gopher: I see your point but not vaccinating kids isn’t the answer. That just puts them at risk for multiple diseases such as polio. If you want change, you have to advocate for more research to be done to make safer vaccines.

  22. I can not believe that there are still people who do not vaccinate their children. There are still diseases out there that cause horrible suffering and death. Small pox, for example, it was once stated that small pox had been eradicated from the earth. Not a month later, a lady was admitted to a Kansas hospital with small pox. All of the diseases that killed millions during the dark ages are still here. Don’t take a chance with your child’s life just because you read an article on the internet that says vaccines cause autism or it isn’t effective or what ever. Be a smart adult and have your children vaccinated

    1. Thank you! If you choose not to vaccinate, stay out of the public. Keep your disease to yourself! Right???