I Just Watched A Woman Give Birth…To A Doll…

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The internet is weird. I know it, you know it, it just is. And while most of the time we can choose which part of the internet we end up in, sometimes we stumble onto things we just…can’t unsee. Like, earlier today I was trucking along on YouTube, watching cute little animal videos and loving life, and then I saw this recommendation pop up called ‘extractions you MUST see’. I clicked. It was close-up videos of whiteheads being¬†extracted…and I am now scarred for life. That. As strange as that was it doesn’t even compare to the level of strange that is women giving birth to baby dolls. Take a look!

Seriously. There are things you can’t unsee and while I wish these women the best, and they certainly look like they are having fun, I might actually need therapy for having just watched it.

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    1. Some people have open minds and want to have fun some people don’t go around serious all the time let people be people want to have fun let them enjoy themselves TO EACHES. OWN

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