For Valentine’s Day Burger King Is Selling ‘Adult Meals’ With ‘Adult Toys’!!

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Maybe it’s all the 50 Shades Darker hoopla, or maybe the naughtiness of the holiday, I’m not sure…but Burger King is offering an ‘adults only meal WITH adult toys’ for Valentine’s Day. Talk about Burger Kink! These meals, for 18+ only, and only after dark, come with two burgers, two drinks, two fries, and either a blindfold, feather tickler, or head massager. Okay, so we’re not talking hard core naughty, but I have to tell you…I would TOTALLY BUY THIS! I know it doesn’t seem like sexy should come from a fast food restaurant, but these days I’ll take my sexy where ever I can find it. Take a look!

Unfortunately, these meals are only offered in Israel, but let’s cross our fingers that they’ll make their way to our neck of the woods soon. Sure, we’ll miss out on Valentine’s Day, but I’m cool with celebrating the sexy on other days. Sexy St. Patty’s Day anyone??

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