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You Can Get Succulent Pillows and I Want Them All

Recently I’ve moved into a new apartment and I’ve been looking for house decor to spice up the place!

Courtesy of Ellie Wilson

As most of you already know, I’m obsessed with plants and more specifically, succulents.

There’s an account on Etsy that sells succulent pillows and I desperately want 10 of them! They look exactly like succulents but are bigger in size!

Courtesy of BohoBabyHeaven

Thanks to BohoBabyHeaven, you can now order a succulent pillow that is the perfect decoration to throw on any couch or bed.

Courtesy of BohoBabyHeaven

For $55, you can purchase the handmade pillow in two different colors.

The length and width of the pillow both measure at 15 inches.

Courtesy of BohoBabyHeaven

So if you’re looking for a new pillow to cuddle or to spice up your room with, this is the perfect pillow to show your love for succulents!

Although you’ll need to act quick if you want this item as much as I do. The pillows are selling out fast!

You can order a Succulent Pillow Here.

Side note: If they do sell out, just refresh because they are made to order so once it sells, the shop adds another.

Courtesy of Saadia Zia

Mary Heckel

Saturday 3rd of April 2021

Did you need to share that? I have berries got breakfast most days, or I did have berries for breakfast. Gagging.