If You Wash Berries In Salt Water, Little Worms May Crawl Out and Now My Life is Ruined

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Ok ok ok, I know bugs are in all food. I know this. I don’t want to see it though. Once I am reminded then I can’t eat them for a bit. But the logical side of me is all like…it’s life. It’s normal.

Ok TikTok people have being showing the creepy crawlies that reside in berries. Warning, it is gross. I probably will dream about this tonight.

kaleyyyyy15 – TikTok

Apparently, if you wash your berries in a saltwater mixture, the worms come crawling out. Or you could just eat them because they won’t harm you, I mean we’ve been eating them our entire lives.

Now, this doesn’t happen all the time but it CAN happen.


Turns out, the worms are larvae from a fruit fly called the Spotted Wing Drosophila. The females put their eggs inside the berries that are starting to ripen. This pertains to blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, as well other berries. You can read more about that here.


I’m not sure I’ve ever had wineberry before, but they like to lay larvae in those as well!


So I watched several videos on TikTok, some were obviously fake with ginormous critters in the bowl, but the small wormy critters are a real thing.

kaleyyyyy15 – TikTok

No worries though, extra protein…err something right? I mean I pick strawberries and blueberries and eat them as I pick them. I’m sure I have consumed more than my fair share of them over my entire life.

I mean, think I’m ok…some may argue that I am not, but I highly doubt it was from consuming some creepy crawlies hahaha! My issues are much too large to be caused by some bugs. I think. Eek!

So to try this at yourself, get yourself a bowl and fill it with water. Add a bunch of salt, it seems most were just dumping it in and some were actually measuring out about 3 tablespoons. Let the salt dissolve and then add your berries.

Wait about 20-30 minutes and check it out. Make sure to wash them again afterward to get the salt off!

So how do you feel? Are you grossed out? Will you wash your berries in saltwater from now on? Or will you live fearlessly and carry on?


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