Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers Shaped Like Mickey and Minnie Mouse Are Here to Make Snack Time Magical

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Pepperidge Farms REALLY knows how to get me to buy a bag of Goldfish Baked Crackers. I mean, I buy them all the time ANYWAY, but now they will be in my shopping basket FOR SURE.

Via Disney

In 2018, for the celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday — He looks SO good for his age, right?!? — Pepperidge Farm brought out these special Mickey Mouse Goldfish crackers.

They had little red Mickey Mouse pieces mixed in with the regular orange fishies. You better know that I bought the s*** out of these crackers, before they disappeared.

Well now, those GENIUSES at Pepperidge Farm have brought out this Mickey Mouse & Friends variety of Goldfish Crackers — and they have MINNIE MOUSE shapes included with Mickey and the fish! Gah!

Courtesy of Target

The Minnie Goldfish Crackers are, of course, pink. They also have her signature bow stamped right into the top of the cracker. How totally cute are they?!?

These crackers are going to be the traditional cheddar flavor, but SO much better — because, HELLO — DISNEY!

They are at Target now, but they will be rolling out to more stores in April. If you think I’m waiting until April to grab a bag of these, you’re simply mad!

Courtesy of Target

They have a retail price of $2.49, and they will come in bags that are pink, blue, or yellow. I’m going to need one of each, please.

Just to clarify, these crackers will all be the same flavor, they will just come in different colored bags — because it’s fun.

They are limited edition — as all AMAZING things tend to be — so you will want to get as many as you can before they are gone.

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