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You Can Get A Ceramic Halloween Pumpkin Tea Light Holder And They Are Adorable

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I am addicted to all of this wonderful handmade Halloween decor!


I seriously can not get enough and these adorable ceramic Halloween pumpkin tea light holders go perfectly with the ghost tea light holders!

Theresa Stumpf – Etsy customer review

Love this little pumpkin. Sits on top of my piano! Thank you!

mitzi jones – Etsy Reviewer

They’re perfect for Halloween and would look great absolutely anywhere in your home!


The Halloween pumpkin tea light holders are made of white earthenware clay and are completely handmade… this even means the shape because they don’t use any molds in the process.


Love my little ghost tea light. So cute and simple. Perfect addition to Halloween decor.

Kate Hammond – Etsy Reviewer

Making these requires many stages from start to finish


First, they form the clay, then it has to dry for a few days.

After it has dried for a few days they have to fix any imperfections before placing it into the kiln for firing.


They are fired at 1000 degrees Celcius, which is 1900 degrees Fahrenheit, man… that’s hot!

After the first firing in the kiln, they are then glazed, and then the glaze has to dry.

Once the glaze has dried, they go back into the kiln to be fired at 1040 degrees Celcius, which is 1920 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mayumi Saito – Etsy customer review

That second round is about 19-20 hours of firing and cooling!

You can get your own Handmade Halloween Pumpkin Tea Light Holder from VanilyaCeramics on Etsy!


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