This Police Officer Shares Why It’s Important to Not Park In The Handicap Accessible Space

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It is so sad that this subject even has to be brought up. This infuriates me, and makes me so sad. It is just like these Bulletproof Backpacks. Why does it even have to be a “Thing” that is discussed?

Zack Goins, a police officer who lives in Brandon, Mississippi, posted this picture on his Facebook site to bring awareness to a problem he sees all too often.

This handicapped accessible van has parked properly in its spot, but someone has come next to the van, and parked in the striped area next to the handicapped spot.

As you can see, the van NEEDS the room next to the spot so the little boy in the wheelchair can get up the ramp and into the van.

But, he can’t get up the ramp. Why? Because some selfish, ignorant driver thought it was more important to illegally park his vehicle, than for the space to be used properly.

We give these people the handicapped spots out of respect. We give these people these spots, because they NEED them.

ALL TOO OFTEN (hello, Walmart), I see people carelessly parked in the striped area NEXT to handicapped spots. THOSE ARE NOT PARKING SPOTS.

That is the area SPECIFICALLY designed for use by handicapped accessible vans. It is utilized to get individuals into and out of vehicles.

Please show some respect and dignity to the vehicles and individuals parked in these Handicapped Accessible spots. They need to utilize these spots.

Here are some of the comments on Zack Goine’s post. Maybe you feel the same? I know I do.

If in doubt about a parking spot, just don’t park there. Let’s all just be respectful to other human beings. Thank you.

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