Bulletproof Backpacks Are Now Being Sold and I Have So Many Questions

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When I first heard that Bulletproof Backpacks were being sold, I had a feeling of relief but as I began thinking more about it, I wondered if that was actually the right mindset to have. To be quite honest, I am not really sure how I feel about it…

And honestly, I have so many questions about it…

Bulletproof Backpacks Are Now Being Sold and I Have So Many Questions


When I go back to school shopping for my kids, the last thing I want to have to worry about is whether or not they have bulletproof backpacks but honestly, where does it end?

Backpacks are intended to carry school items to and from school. They aren’t intended to PROTECT our children from a shooter.

A backpack doesn’t even entirely cover the body, just the back. After all, it is a backpack, so what is the intended purpose of this?

Credit: Guard Dog Security

Does that mean we should be making entirely bulletproof outfits and uniforms for our kids too?

IF there were ever to be a shooter in our child’s school are we to assume they’d have time to grab their bulletproof backpack and be small enough to crouch behind it for safety?

I guess I’m having a hard time seeing how this would solve anything…

On the surface, these backpacks look like your typical book bag, but each one contains a layer of material similar to Kevlar, designed to stop different types of bullets.

Credit: Guard Dog Security

Because IF an active shooter situation happens again at a school, there HAS to be a better way to keep our kids safe. There just has to be.

More security. Trained and armed teachers. Better locked down classrooms. Bullproof windows and doors…

I don’t know – there just has to be something.

Credit: Guard Dog Security

I don’t have the answers and the thought of this exact thing happening in my child’s school TERRIFIES me every day. In fact, I’ve sat and pondered on whether to home school to avoid this happening.

And I am not saying this is a terrible idea. I am just wondering if it’s the RIGHT idea.


And I’m not the only one. In fact, other parents have expressed their concerns for such a product and during an interview the president of Guard Dog Security (the makers of the bulletproof backpacks), Yasir Serich answered that question when asked:

“We are not sitting here saying that if you buy a bulletproof backpack it’s going to solve everything, we’re saying this will put you in a better position in the event of an active shooter than someone who doesn’t have a bulletproof backpack,” he said. 

And he claims they began making and selling them after the Sandy Hook shooting.


Again, this brings me back to wondering WHY. Why would a parent want to buy a bulletproof backpack at $119 (some are $300+). How can a parent know this would protect their child in any way, shape or form during a shooting? What “better position” will this actually put your kids in?

To me, the better position is to not have us parents have to worry about this happening to our children’s schools in the first place…

Yes, I know, that would be in a perfect world…


My point is, it’s a sad time when we have to worry about this sort of thing overall but the backpack only covers so much of the body IF it is used as intended and god forbid our kids were ever in this situation.


So, to be quite honest, shouldn’t we be investing money and time into things that will ensure our child’s safety?

Schools in Oklahoma and Texas have the right idea by installing bulletproof shelters into classrooms and that is something I find worth spending money on…

What are your feelings? Are Bulletproof Backpacks the answer?

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