Pillsbury Is Launching Gingerbread Cookie Dough For The Holidays And I Can’t Wait To Try It

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Pillsbury isn’t giving us enough time in between products to try them all because yet again, the Pillsbury dough boy has baked us up something new! 

I’m not the biggest fan of gingerbread, but any baked good coming from Pillsbury’s oven is something I will never not try.  

Courtesy of Pillsbury

Pillsbury is getting a jump on Christmas this year by bringing us an entirely new baked good. 


Gingerbread cookie dough is one of their newest products and similar to their other cookie dough rolls, it is safe to eat raw! So you can sneak a few bites before serving to family and friends!

Currently the safe to eat raw gingerbread cookie dough is not available in stores yet, but make sure to keep an eye out for the green packaging!


The design of the outside wrap is Christmas tree green with dark green gingerbread men covering the entire packaging. There’s also a gingerbread woman decorated in white and red icing!

The gingerbread women makes me think of all the Christmas cookies my mom and Nana bake every year for the holidays!

You can definitely say that Pillsbury did a great job getting us into the Christmas spirit early!

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