Pillsbury Released Cornbread Swirls And It Only Takes 20 Minutes To Make Them

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My mom makes the best corn muffins. I know I’m most likely biased because she’s my mother, but seriously, they are so good!

Sometimes my mom will make an entire cornbread “cake” which is also mouth watering, especially right out of the oven.

Although I prefer the cornbread muffins more and here’s why.

Since they are high in calories, I’m less likely to over eat with the muffins, rather than cutting a big slice of the cornbread cake.

Similar to my mom’s cornbread muffins, Pillsbury has introduced Cornbread Swirls!

Courtesy of Pillsbury

Unlike my mom who bakes her cornbread from scratch, Pillsbury has basically already done the work for you.

Similar to their cinnamon rolls and biscuits, all you have to do is break the cylinder and place the baked goods in a greased muffin pan.


Living up to mom’s baking standards is going to be pretty tough, so I hope Pillsbury gave it their best shot when making their cornbread; although I’m willing to give it a try and a review!

You can spot Pillsbury’s Cornbread Swirls in a number of stores including Walmart, Giant, Acme and Food Lion.

Each package includes 6 cornbread swirls and are done baking in less than 20 minutes, according to Pillsbury’s description!

Courtesy of Walmart

Oh and once you’re done baking, don’t forget to drizzle melted butter; it’s a key ingredient for perfecting the baked good!

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  1. So, have you tried them? How sweet are they? What’s the texture like . . . cake, biscuit, bread-like or what? How much corn flavor? Recommend? Yes/No?

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