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These Dinner Plates Make Meal Time Fun and You Know Your Kids Need Them

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I can’t even tell you what picky eaters my children are. You can say, “just make them eat what you make.” Y’all don’t even know the struggle we go through. It’s a whole texture, spice, aversion thing.

You know what helped? We got these plates from Amazon.

They were a godsend!! They had the kids trying just a few bites of everything at meals, and then finishing off with a “reward.”


It got the kids to try SO MANY new things, and it turned it into a bit of a game, so they didn’t complain NEARLY as much. These plates truly saved my sanity at meal time!!


The idea is simple. You stick a bite or two of food in each space, and the spaces snake around the plate. Then, at the end, there is a covered “reward” that the kids can’t even see until they have tried every single thing on the plate.


You can make the rewards yummy fruit, M&Ms, Skittles, Nerds, or you can even make it something completely not edible — like, my son LOVED little LEGO dudes.


I would get a generic pack at 5-Below, and he would eat ALL his food in order to have the chance at getting one of the little LEGO men!


The Amazon website has SO many different kinds of these plates — called Winner Kids’ Dinner Trays. They have the dinosaur theme, which the kids loved. They also have a holiday theme, a space theme, a superhero theme, a game play theme, an enchanted forest theme, and a pirate theme.


You might start with one, to see if your kids LOVE it, and then end up buying them all. Ha!! We had several different ones!


The Winner Dinner Trays are right at $20, and worth every single penny of that 20 bucks!! I’m telling you — dinner game changer!!


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