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You Can Get A Handbag That Looks Like A Sugar Skull For The Person Who Loves Halloween

If you know me at all you know that I LOVE everything about Halloween.

From the crisp cool air, to the creepy, dark colors, Halloween is my JAM.

That is why I had a little happy dance when I came across these Sugar Skull Handbags. They are creepy cool and totally fabulous, right?

This Handbag comes in black or white colors and features a super cool skull design.

The top unzips (ya know where the brain would be) and opens to give you plenty of space to store your wallet, keys, phone or ya know, just fill it with Halloween candy.

The design is quite incredible as it even has skulls as the zipper handles and the backside has got some bling bling to it!

According to Amazon, it is refined from environmentally friendly PVC and the shoulder strap is printed webbing, durable and difficult to deform.

Yay for environmentally friendly! After watching Zac Efron’s Netflix Show, I am all about helping preserve our planet.

If you are looking for a super cool and festive Halloween handbag, look no further. This sugar skull purse is a must-have for any Halloween lover and mine is already on the way!

You can get your Sugar Skull Handbag off Amazon for $63.99 with free shipping if you are a prime member!