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Texas Is So Hot Right Now, People Are Showing How They Are Melting and I’m So Glad I Don’t Live There

Have you been to Texas in the summer?

There is no way around it. It’s HOT. Like, baking in an oven hot. Take your breath away hot.

Put a change of clothes in your purse, because you know you’re going to sweat through the ones you’re wearing hot.

Or my favorite, crack the car windows so they don’t explode hot.

In Dallas, it’s not unusual for the thermometer to top out at 110º during the hottest parts of the summer.

I used to live in Texas, and while I absolutely loved it, I did not love the summers.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who detests the summer months in Texas.

Texans are taking to TikTok in droves, showing us exactly how they feel about the hellish temperatures in The Lonestar State.

And, it’s hilarious!

You have to see these videos!! They are 100% accurate. LOL!!

You Seriously Have To See These TikTok #TexasHeat Videos

Lauren Compton shows us exactly what it’s like to get your mail in the middle of the day. Y’all may think it’s a little over exaggerated. It’s pretty much not. Ha!!


TikToker Leslie Yvon shows us exactly the sentiment that every Texan feels when they walk outside.


Then there’s Kyle Istook. YES!! He demonstrates what it’s like to try to get in your car during a Texas summer.


Buggs2Savage hits the nail on the head when he shows what it’s like to stick your bare skin on a leather seat anytime between May and October in Texas.


Ronnie G isn’t wrong when he demonstrates the butt cheeks of every Texan during the dog days of summer. LOL!!

Want to see all these hilarious TikTok videos in action? Check these out:

Want to see more? Search the hashtag #texasheat on TikTok.