185 Things You Can Be Thankful For Right Now

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We are SO close to the season of Thankfuls, and I can’t wait!

Every November I take to Facebook to do my 30 Days of Thankful list — one a day — and I’m always a little surprised by what I come up with.

There is so much to be Thankful for in life, and we just gloss all over it with the weight of all the crap that we carry from day to day.

If we took the time to just breathe for a second, we might realize that we have so much to be Thankful for.

I’ve even started a Thankfuls Journal, with everything I can come up with that I’m Thankful for. When I’m having a particularly hard day, it’s good to look back over it, and see that I have plenty of good in my life.

In case you need a pick-me-up or reminder:

150 Things To Be Thankful For Right Now

1. You’re alive and breathing.

2. Your kids.

3. The support of your family.

4. Your friends, whether it’s a large group or a couple solid friendships.

5. Holidays where you can celebrate and get together with your friends and family.

6. The sun is shining, and it will continue to shine tomorrow and the next day.

7. Rainy days that replenish all the plants and animals with water.

8. Shelter. You have a roof over your head. Even if it’s not the roof you would particularly like, it’s a roof.

9. Food in your belly, and the ability to provide that food for your family.

10. Clean drinking water. There are some places in the world where clean water is a luxury.

11. Your parents, good or bad. You are the person you are today because of your parents.

12. Your siblings. If you are lucky enough to have siblings, you have built-in friends!

13. Your spouse or significant other.

14. TV. Thank God for brain breaks!!

15. Streaming services. There was a time when we couldn’t just watch whatever we wanted to.

16. Electricity. There was a time, not too long ago, that electricity in your house wasn’t a thing.

17. Indoor plumbing.

18. Trash services. I sure don’t want to go to the dump everytime I take out the trash.

19. Air conditioning.

20. Payday. It doesn’t come often enough, but at least it’s a steady stream of money.

21. The ability to work from home.

22. Computers. How did we ever live without them?

23. The internet. See above.

24. Email. To be able to stay in touch with the click of a button.

25. Snail mail. We are so lucky it still exists.

26. Comfy pajamas.

27. Access to new clothes, and the ability to get them.

28. Washing machines.

29. Dishwashers.

30. Seperate bedrooms. Thank goodness my kids have some place to go other than my room!

31. Pets.

32. The radio.

33. Your favorite song.

34. Random kindness from a stranger.

35. You had the opportunity to get an education.

36. Smartphones.

37. Fairs and carnivals. We all need a bit of fun in our lives.

38. Fair food. The best!!

39. Fast food restaurants.

40. Spaghetti. My favorite!

41. The sound of rain on a roof.

42. The smell of a fresh rainstorm.

43. The smell of fresh cut grass.

44. Lawnmowers and the ability to keep your yard manageable.

45. Your favorite movie.

46. Your favorite actor.

47. A new pair of shoes.

48. An OLD pair of shoes that you love.

49. A favorite memory.

50. Pennies. If you can find enough of them, you’ll be rich.

51. Dresser drawers. Without them, your clothes would be everywhere.

52. Pizza.

53. Target. The best store around.

54. Vacations. Just to get away for a short time.

55. The beach.

56. The mountains.

57. Hot showers.

58. Hot soaking baths.

59. Bath bombs. It’s a luxury, and one for which I am thankful!

60. Board games.

61. Birds. They scare me to death, but they are so pretty from afar.

62. Bras. Go ahead. Admit it. It’s nice not to be flopping everywhere.

63. A new book.

64. Not wearing a mask.

65. The ability to wear a mask for protection.

66. Coats.

67. Teachers and mentors.

68. The ability to learn a new skill.

69. Figuring out the meaning of a word that you didn’t know.

70. The sunrise.

71. The sunset.

72. Hearing a baby laugh.

73. Hearing the voice of a friend.

74. Being able to hear, feel, and see.

75. Chocolate. In any shape or form.

76. Salt. It makes everything taste better.

77. Traditions.

78. Binging a show on Netflix.

79. An old photograph album.

80. Honesty.

81. Shoes.

82. Colorful pens.

83. Coffee.

84. Candles.

85. Christmas trees.

86. Blankets.

87. Fridays.

88. Long weekends.

89. Snow.

90. Faith.

91. Friendly acquaintances.

92. Cars and the ability to drive.

93. Chicken nuggies.

94. Firemen.

95. Police officers.

96. Protection in general.

97. A brand spankin’ new car.

98. A freshly washed towel.

99. Soap. Sometimes it’s the little things.

100. A good night’s sleep.

101. Motivation.

102. Medicines that keep us well or make us better.

103. Doctors that know what to do.

104. Freedoms.

105. Equality.

106. A nice hot home cooked meal.

107. S’mores.

108. Disney World. Maybe that’s just me?

109. Imagination.

110. The ability to reason.

111. Leaves changing colors in the fall.

112. Spring flowers.

113. Power Outages at work, right when you need a break.

114. Nice customers when you work in a service industry.

115. A big comfy chair that you can read in.

116. Language.

117. The feeling of accomplishment.

118. Back scratchers when you can’t quite get that itch.

119. Beauty salons.

120. Massages.

121. The feeling of laughing until your stomach hurts.

122. Tacos.

123. Thick fuzzy socks on a cold day.

124. Nail polish.

125. Spellcheck — AMIRITE?!?

126. Surprise gifts from a friend.

127. Swimming Pools.

128. Road trips.

129. Audiobooks.

130. Lotion.

131. Dancing in the rain.

132. Clean shaven legs or a clean shaven face.

133. The perfect hair color and cut.

134. Spontaneity.

135. Naps.

136. Junk food — in moderation, of course.

137. Having hope.

138. Chick-fil-A Frosted Coffee.

139. Hallmark Christmas movies.

Hallmark Channel

140. Mascara. If I put NOTHING else on, I’m reaching for the mascara!

141. Finishing a project.

142. A clean house.

143. Glasses and contacts. Seeing things is always good.

144. CPAP machines. Breathing while sleeping, for some people, is a good thing.

145. Things organized.

146. A freshly cleaned out refrigerator.

147. Wifi — especially when it’s free!

148. The smell of newborn babies.

149. Planners.

150. Sex. I went there.

151. Souvenirs.

152. Nice smelling room spray.

153. Stuffed animals.

154. Pacifiers. If you know, you know.

155. Secrets that are exciting.

156. The sounds at your favorite amusement park.

157. Purses.

158. Gasoline. I just wish it were a bit cheaper.

159. Pumpkin patches.

160. Chips and hot sauce or queso.

161. Mail.

162. Help.

163. Nice bosses and coworkers.

164. Inspiration.

165. Diversity.

166. Ice in a lukewarm drink.

167. Uber or Lyft on a night out with the girls.

168. Telephone apps.

169. Facebook. It can be a blessing or a curse.

170. Saying and hearing “I love you.”

171. Banana pudding.

173. Pixar movies.

174. Halloween.

175. A comfy mattress.

176. Gloves on a freezing cold day.

177. The Dollar Spot at Target.

178. Caramel Macchiatos.

179. Chris Hemsworth.

180. The ability to see colors.

181. A perfect rainbow.

182. Finally paying off that car.

183. Toilet paper.

184. Finding money on the street.

185. Going to your favorite concert.

Now, obviously, this isn’t an all inclusive list, but it’s a good start!!

What else are YOU thankful for? Let us know in the comments.

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