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The Disney Holiday Shop Is Open And My Wallet Is Already Crying

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Christmas is upon us! And I am ALREADY trying to figure out how I’m going to afford all the things I want this year, because there’s so many amazing things!

Well, thanks to the Disney store, my wallet is already crying, because their Holiday Store just dropped with all sorts of Christmas goodness!


From clothing, stockings, and ornaments to cups, home decor, and toys, there’s literally EVERYTHING. And all in the spirit of Christmas!


There’s over 300 items in the Holiday Store so now it’s just a process of elimination to figure out which are most exciting and important to you!


My daughter loves the Disney princesses, while my son is more of a Nightmare Before Christmas fan! And I have way too many favorites to ever be able to decide!


If you want to check out all of the magical options this year for yourself, check out the Disney Store Holiday Shop now!


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