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Bath & Body Works Released Laundry Detergent and My Life Is Complete

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The last time you did laundry most likely felt like a chore you didn’t want to do, and who could blame you?

Bath & Body Works announced last year that they would release their own line of laundry products that will make you want to do laundry more often, considering how good their detergents will smell.

Well the body care shop has officially released their long-awaited laundry products and all we have to say is we can’t wait to laundry this weekend!

What’s dubbed their new “Fabric Care Detergent” line, you can find several new bottled detergents that smell just like the chain’s lotions, perfumes, body wash, and more.

Courtesy of @allym044

So not only can you spray yourself with your favorite perfume or light a candle in your favorite scent from the chain, but now you can also wash your bed linens or clothing to smell just like your go-to perfume or body lotion!

Courtesy of @bathandbodyworks

Fans of the sweet-smelling shop can expect the new laundry detergents to include Cozy Cashmere, Cactus Blossom, Eucalyptus Mint, Sunshine Day, etc.

And that’s only touching the surface of the entire laundry collection.

Courtesy of @bathandbodyworks

So if you’re about ready to do laundry for this week, you’ll be happy to know that Bath & Body Works has already stocked the new laundry line on store shelves!

You’ll never be so excited to do laundry.

Courtesy of @allym044

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