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The Military Is Tracking An Unidentified Balloon Flying Over The US Right Now

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Depending on where you live, you may see something flying around in the sky and while it make look like a hot air balloon, it may not be that at all.

News just broke that the military is currently tracking an unidentified balloon that is flying over the US right now.

According to Raws Alerts:

A U.S. military aircraft is tracking an unidentified high-altitude balloon flying over the western part of the United States. The military aircraft spotted the balloon and determined that it is not a threat, but its origin and purpose remains unknown at this time. The unidentified high-altitude balloon is drifting eastward in the jet stream with Earlier reports indicated that today that the balloon was over Colorado.

It’s important to know that while the US is tracking it, U.S. officials told CBS News that while its origin and purpose are still unknown, they’ve determined it not to be a threat as of right now.

Now you may remember that a Chinese spy balloon was seen hovering up in the skies in Feb 2023 and was floating around 40,000 feet when it was shot down in U.S. territorial waters off the coast of South Carolina by the USAF upon President Biden’s orders.

Only time will tell exactly what this balloon is all about and whether or not it will be shot down once again.

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