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Reese’s Mini Eggs Exist and They Are Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

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Reese’s peanut butter chocolate has a way of making you crave more of their candy with every bite.

Which is why Reese’s has parted with their wrappers so there’s less time unwrapping, and more time eating their candy!

Courtesy of Target

Just in time for the Easter holiday, or any other day that you’re craving chocolate, Reese’s has released chocolate covered candies that are molded in the shape of eggs!

And of course, you can also expect their classic peanut butter creme to be stuffed inside of each and every one of these eggs too.

Courtesy of Target

But the best part about this Easter egg candy other than the taste, is the miniature size that lets you eat this new candy by the handful!

Packaged in resealable packs so you can save the chocolate for later (if there’s any left), Reese’s new mini eggs are the perfect bite-sized treat for an after-dinner indulgence.

Courtesy of Target

They also make a great prize to stuff in colorful Easter eggs for a family friendly Easter egg hunt or packed in an Easter egg basket for the one friend who loves chocolate.

Talk about a great way to get the family to participate in an Easter egg hunt because who doesn’t want to find chocolate and peanut stuffed candy around the house?

Courtesy of Target

You can find Reese’s new and unwrapped miniature egg packs currently stocked at Target for less than five bucks!

So if anybody needs me, I’ll be in the candy aisle with my arms full of at least three of Reese’s new candy packs, okay, maybe four.

Courtesy of Target

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