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Regé-Jean Page Is Scientifically The Most Handsome Man Alive And Who Am I To Argue?

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So, apparently Bridgerton star, Regé-Jean Page is the most gorgeous man alive, and there’s science to back it up.

I mean, I didn’t need science to deduce that Regé-Jean is beautiful, but good to know there’s actual proof.

Have you heard of the Golden Ratio?

It’s a thing, and it has been since ancient Greece.

They used it for everything from paintings, to architecture, sculptures, and even looking at things found in nature.

You can also use this same Golden Ratio to determine, scientifically, who is beautiful.

It takes your face proportions, and runs them through this math equation with numbers and letters — I don’t really do the maths.

This Golden Ratio is supposed to decide exactly who is the MOST beautiful, based on this set of scientific and mathematically proven ratios.

So, basically, out of a bunch of celebrities, Regé-Jean Page’s face matches the Golden Ration 93.65%.

He is supposed to be SUPER pleasing to the human eye, and I totally see it!

Side Note: Robert Pattinson previously held the title of scientifically the most handsome man alive, but he only came in at 92.15%.

Regé-Jean Page wins!

What do YOU think? Is there something to this mathematical equation that scientifically proves who’s hot and who’s not?

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