This Teen Sewed A Prom Dress From Scratch For His Date Who Couldn’t Afford A Dress And It’s Gorgeous

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Addi Rust found her dream prom dress, but it was a bit too pricey for her budget — like, it was outrageously out of her price range.

Her best friend, who happened to be her prom date, stepped in to save the day!

Parker Smith actually hand-sewed a prom dress for his best friend prom date, and it’s hella gorgeous.

He had never sewn anything in his life, but he wasn’t going to let his best friend down.

With a little bit of inspiration, pixie dust, and a whole lot of talent, Parker got to work on Addi’s fairytale princess prom dress.

He sketched a design, and started right in on making the perfect dress.

Parker taught himself to cut and sew, and with a little help from his grandmother, he actually did the thing!!

Taking a minute to brag on this man because I think this is the coolest thing that I’ve ever been a part of. Parker MADE my prom dress. Straight from scratch did the whole thing and I am still speechless. I’m so lucky to have him as my best friend!


The Cinderella dress turned out absolutely beautiful, and Addi looked stunning!!

Quite a journey, but the first thing I’ve ever sewn (a prom dress) has been finished, just in time for the ball! Not only did I get the honor of being the Prince Charming to the beautiful @AddiRust, but her fairy godmother as well, haha! I’m so thankful for her. (From scratch)

Parker Keith Smith

Now, how do I get a best friend like Parker?

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