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Teens Arrives to Prom Inside A Casket, Emerges Wearing a Black Dress [Video]

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That’s one way to get to prom…

While many teens borrow their parents nice car or rent a limo to get to prom, this girl wanted to do something completely different.

Nancy Little Brackeen

This teen arrived to her prom inside a hearse but that’s not all…

Nancy Little Brackeen

She was actually inside a casket that was inside the hearse…

Nancy Little Brackeen

Once (what I am assuming is her family) removes the casket and places it on the ground, the girl emerges from the casket wearing a black dress.

Nancy Little Brackeen

Honestly, I have so many questions…

Did she ride in the casket all the way there?

Can they resell the casket now that it has been used?

Nancy Little Brackeen

Wait, is it a used casket? *Shrugs in horror*

Nonetheless, this girl made a grand entrance to her prom that I bet nobody will forget anytime soon.

You can watch the video below.

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