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Kohl’s Is Selling A Black Cat And Pumpkin Plush Throw And It’s Perfect For The Person Who Loves Fall

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I am a total connoisseur of the big fuzzy blanket.

All you have to do is take a glance at my bio (at the bottom of this page), to see that one of my favorite things on earth are super fluffy blankets.

Courtesy of Kohl’s

My ABSOLUTE favorite big fuzzy blanket is The BIG One blanket from Kohls. This blanket is the cream of the crop when it comes to fluffy blankets!! I own just about all of them. I’m not even joking. Ha!


My family and friends know they can’t go wrong by getting me The Big One blankets as gifts. I even have a collection of these blankets that went to chemo with me. They are THE BEST!!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

I LOVE that Kohl’s comes out with new blankets every season, so there is always something new out there to look forward to.

Courtesy of Kohl’s

You have GOT to check out the new fall design for THIS season. Kohl’s has this Black Cat and Pumpkin The Big One fluffy blanket RIGHT NOW!! GAH!! This is one of my favorite designs EVER!!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

You get the super adorable, not-so-scary Halloween black cat, hidden amongst the absolute cutest Jack O’ Lanterns of the season. I neeeeeed this in my life!


But, what makes this totally on trend blanket even better is the SUPER SOFT pile (that’s a fancy word that means the feel) of The Big One blanket.

Seriously, I wish y’all could feel through the computer screen. Pictures do NOT do it justice. The amount of softness here is INSANE.

Courtesy of Kohl’s

These blankets are the BEST to curl up with on the couch with a hot coffee or tea and a good book on a cool fall evening. You can’t see me, but I’m doing a little happy dance right now, just thinking about it!

Courtesy of Kohl’s

You can get your OWN The Big One blanket on the Kohl’s website, and they are half off right now!!! Normally $30, you can get these amazeballs blankets for $15, and it’s time to stock up, my friend!!

While you are on the Kohl’s website, you totally have to check out this Boooo-opoly game!! How fun would it be to wrap up in one of The Big One blankets and play this game?!?

Courtesy of Kohl’s

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