Walmart Is Selling A Bacon Rack That Cooks Crispy Bacon In The Microwave In Just Minutes

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One of the very first articles I wrote here at Totallythebomb was actually about bacon, a simpler way to cook the popular meat. 

Tasty bacon slices in pan on table

Similar to the Bacon Master, this new product might make it even more simpler to cook your bacon in the morning, midday or evening, which by the way, I didn’t think was possible.

The best thing about bacon is that you can literally have it at any meal but what’s not great, is having hot oil hit your skin or a grease pile on your stove and don’t even mention having to scrape the grim off the pan.

Courtesy of Walmart

The Presto PowerCrisp microwave bacon cooker nixes the stove, pan and grease for a simple one, two, three step process. 

To cook your bacon, drape the meat on the included white rack, pop the strips of meat in the microwave and you’ve got yourself crispy bacon that’s oh so satisfying. 

Courtesy of Walmart

You know what’s even better than crispy bacon? An untouched and clean kitchen because this genius invention catches the grease at the bottom tray and afterwards, you can toss everything in the dishwasher for a good clean! 

Courtesy of Walmart

You can cook 12 slices of bacon at once which is a heck of a lot more than what I can fit into one pan and if you’re suddenly craving bacon like myself, you can find this beauty at Walmart for just a little over $14. 

You can get your Bacon Rack from Walmart Here.


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