Taco Bell Released Cheddar Crisps

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Taco Bell has released these New Cheddar Crisps, and my cheese-loving heart is absolutely going crazy!!


According to the bag, these crisps are made with cheese and spices. That’s all!

They are low-carb, and have a massive 13 grams of protein per serving. My diet approves!

These delicious crisps are available in three flavors to suit everybody’s taste buds.

There’s Mild, for those that can’t handle the spice.

You can get Fire, for those that like a lot of heat.

And, there is Nacho flavor — because who doesn’t like nachos!

We are told these will be available soon in your local stores like Walmart and Target.

Taco Bell is coming out with so many yummy chip variations! Check out these Reaper Ranch tortilla chips that are already out in store.


They also have these Diablo and Mild flavors of tortilla chips.


According to my diet, though, you can’t beat the Cheddar Crisps. They are as yummy as they are low in carbs!

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