Brach’s Mystery Candy Canes Are Here and I Am Ready to Try Them

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Brach’s has released a new MYSTERY set of Candy Canes!

The candy company doesn’t give us much information on these tasty treats, we just know they are a MYSTERY!

According to Brach’s site, these candy canes might be:

“Fruity? Sour? Sweet? Salty? We love a good seasonal surprise. No matter which of our four distinct, delicious holiday flavors you draw, you’re sure to be delighted. The rich colors will add a color pop to holiday decorations, but won’t give away the surprise.”

We just simply don’t know. I would hope that there are no Rotten Egg, Lawn Clippings, or Cheese flavors, but we’ll have to taste them to see.

Via Amazon

Candy canes are a main staple of the holiday season, with peppermint reigning supreme. Maybe that will all change with this batch of mystery candy canes!

We usually decorate our tree with a few boxes of candy canes. It will be fun this year to use these mystery treats, and have my family guess which flavor they are enjoying! I hope they will be brave enough.

Brach’s is usually known for bringing out their Conversation Hearts at Valentines Day.

They also make a tasty Candy Corn around Halloween.

But, I think the winner this year is going to be the Mystery Candy Cane Mix!

Each box of the Mystery Cane Mix has twelve candy canes to enjoy.

There are THREE colors to a box, but I just don’t know if that means three different flavors, or if they are each different.

Via Brach’s

You can get them NOW on Amazon, or you can wait to get them in a store near you.

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