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Coastal Grandma is The Newest Fashion Trend, and We Are All Here For it

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Coastal Grandma is the new aesthetic taking over the world of social media, and it actually looks comfy and gorgeous.

What is Coastal Grandma?

It is a term that was coined by TikTok Influencer, Lex Nicoleta.

Coastal Grandma refers to a certain vibe. And NO, you don’t have to be a grandma to pull off the look.

Think white turtlenecks and beige bottoms. Think all things coastal living — not like Southern California, but more like the Bay Area or the East Coast.

Do you like all things Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, and spending your days watching The Food Network? Do you love cozy, neutral, light interiors? Do you enjoy foods, like large overpriced fresh salads full of fruits and greens? You just might be a Coastal Grandma.

Even celebrities have hopped on this trend. Selena Gomez just totally ROCKED the look on her Instagram, wearing large gold hoop earrings, a white sweater over a neutral colored dress, and minimalist makeup.

How Do You Dress Like A Coastal Grandma?

The Coastal Grandma Vibe

For the Coastal Grandma look, the white button-down shirt is a total staple, because it has tons of versatility. You also can't go wrong with a straight-leg denim bottom. Round out the look with a wrap sweater, a sun hat, and some gold jewelry staples. If you're feeling frisky, you might even throw on a flowy scarf.

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