Twix Ghosts Are Back, It’s Time to Stock Up

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We must be super close to Fall because stores are getting in all the good candy and by good, I mean the totally cute Halloween shaped candy.

My newest find: Twix Ghosts and yes, they are back so it’s time to stock up!

I found these at my local Sinclair gas station but if you can’t find them, order a box right on Amazon and all will be okay in the world.

Twix Ghosts are unique in that they aren’t the typical sticks where you have to choose the right or left side of the bar.

Instead, they are all the taste of an original Twix but in a creepily, cool ghost shape.

If you haven’t tried them, you are in for a spooky treat.

Personally, I find the consistency is better much like the Reese’s Eggs, I feel like they just taste better.

Maybe it’s the round shape?!

Who knows, all I know is that these are GOOD.

Now that you know they are available once again, all that is left to decide is whether you’ll start with the left ghost or the right ghost in the package, decisions… decisions…

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