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You Can Get A Pokémon Ball Terrarium That Is Absolutely Gorgeous

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I JUST FOUND THE MOST GORGEOUS AND AMAZING GEEKY THING EVER AND I WANT IT NOW! If you are a fan of Pokémon at all, this is for you, my friends.


Look how CUTE!!! Even if you aren’t a Pokémon fan, you have to admit these are so adorable. I want every single one of these!


From the looks of it, you can get these in most every style with the Pokémon that you prefer. But even with knowing that, I have no idea which I would pick. I wanna catch them all!!!


Inside of each terrarium is a specific Pokémon with their own adorable little habitat. Have I mentioned I want one? How could you not!?

They even get shipped adorably with your own Pokeball box, gift bag, and card! This is so perfect for any Pokémon fan, whether it’s you or a loved one. This is the thing to get…right now. Do it.


So get over to Pokeballgiftss on Etsy and purchase one of these fantastic Pokeball Terrariums before I get them all…because it is a slight possibility!


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