Finally, I got the Swagger

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See, the thing is, I drive a lot of vehicles. It’s part of the whole “being a blogger who likes to talk about super cool cars” gig. But none of them have ever actually felt like me– until I drove a Kia Sportage.



The Kia Sportage is a good looking car. It’s the car my friends noticed. It’s the first time people stopped me to ask about the car I was driving:

“Did you get a new car? Those wheels are awesome”

“Oh, wow– that car is totally you. You look good!” (There’s pretty much nothing I like more than hearing how good I look.)

“Dang, I wish I was driving that!”

And this thing parks like a freakin’ bicycle. I can get into any spot pretty much anywhere. It totally has a backup camera, which I love. My regular car doesn’t have one, and it makes me crazy after having driven this car for only a week, because I feel like, eight billion times safer when I have it on.

Seriously– The Kia Sportage is fun to drive, it’s adorable, and I want one.

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