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Jeep’s First Electric SUV May Be Called the “Jeepster” and It’s All the More Reason to Buy One

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Move over Tesla, Jeeps are going electric. 

Thanks to Stellantis’s recent announcement about Jeep’s latest project, rumors of the new vehicle’s name might even be more creative than Jeep’s first ever electric SUV.

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Jeep’s electric SUV packs the first purely battery-electric vehicle, sleek headlights, crisp side mirrors, the classic box shape and of course, the common signaling of peace signs while driving on the road.

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As rumor has it according to MoparInsider , the “Jeepster” might possibly be the finalized name for Jeep’s new and electric SUV which is all the more reason to be interested the squarish car.

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Although Stellantis has not yet revealed the confirmed name for the SUV, “Jeep Junior” or Project 516 was understood to be a couple of names circling around the fully battery, electric four door.

Courtesy of Aautopareri Forums

While the company has been scarce in sharing details about the new car launch, Stellantis did confirm that the new EV will launch next year in 2023!

And considering the current gas prices, we are looking for all of the electric (cars) we can get.

More specifically, Jeep expects to start working on the new SUV at Stellantis’ plant in Tychy, Poland during the fourth quarter of this year, in 2022!

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