Camille Vasquez Is Becoming a Celebrity After the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Defamation Trial

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Johnny Depp isn’t the only one to come out victorious in the latest defamation trial.

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Camille Vasquez, who was one of Johnny Depp’s representing attorneys not only recently landed a huge promotion at work, but is also becoming a celebrity from her rockstar status from trial.

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One of nine people representing Johnny at court, her performance during the trial including her brutal cross-examination of Amber Heard has slowly but surely put the spotlight on Camille. 

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From TikTok videos, to Instagram reels, to paparazzi photos, she’s encapsulated a public reaction that not only has her popular in the media, but also as a lawyer with offers coming from the left and right.

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“Talent agents are circling Camille because they recognize that she is the unicorn — a smart, savvy, poised attorney whose impactful performance during the trial propelled her to a rare level of visibility,” said one source to the New York Post, said one source to The New York Post. “And the fact that she is a woman of color is an added bonus.” 

A source who told The New York Post

And if Camille happens to accept an offer from a talent agency, she could open many doors including becoming a guest on talk shows, or even hosting her own show on a cable network!

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Brown Rudnick explained to The New York Post that they are,

“thrilled that so many people are seeing what we’ve known for years: that Camille Vasquez is a star. We were always confident that she had what it takes to succeed on this stage. That’s why she is a key member of the trial team and has a bright future with us.”

Brown Rudnick
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Congratulations Camille!

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