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‘Toy Story 5’ Is Officially Happening And I’m Giddy

I have some exciting Disney news you are going to want to hear!

I’ll give you a hint — there is a lot of BUZZ about this Disney news!!

Did you guess it?

We are headed back to the world of Toy Story, and I’m so excited.


The last time we hit up the Toy Story gang was in 2019 when the studio released Toy Story 4.

This week, during a Disney company’s Q1 earnings call, Bob Iger made the big Toy Story announcement, and I can only bet everyone went absolutely crazy.

Tim Allen even confirmed the news on his social media accounts.

Now, last time we saw Woody, the toys were leaving him with Bo to start a new life away from the gang.

I’ll be super interested to see if they are going to try and make the franchise work without Tom Hanks’ Woody.

I mean, it’s Toy Story, so it will probably do well with or without Woody.

BUT, he kind of started the whole thing, so we’ll see!!

We have absolutely no information on the newest Toy Story movie as of yet.

But, we know it’s coming, and that’s enough for now.

What do you think about a possible Toy Story without a Woody?