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Netflix Just Dropped Season 2 of ‘You’ and I’m Obsessed

Joe Goldberg is back. I’m simultaneously ecstatic and scared to death.

In case you haven’t seen Season 1 of YOU, I don’t want to ruin it for you. I’ll just simply say, Joe isn’t a great guy. He just doesn’t make some of the best choices.

Season 2 is the chance for a new start for Joe — er, Will? — but fresh starts aren’t always that easy.

Even in a whole new city. Your demons have a way of staying with you.

Obsessions and compulsions are hard to escape.

Especially when they are beautiful, and love you back.

Watch out, though, sometimes the past show up to rear its ugly — um, beautiful — head.

I am completely dying to see what will happen!

See the trailer for You Season 2, below. *Side Note* — isn’t that the most PERFECT version of the song CREEP, ever!

You can binge watch Season 2 of YOU on Netflix TODAY!

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Also, take a look at Eli. People say it’s making them see demons.