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People Say Netflix’s ‘Eli’ is Causing Them to See Demons

Looks like I am sleeping with one eye open tonight…

People Say Netflix’s Newest Horror Movie is Causing Them to See Demons After Watching It and I am both intrigued and terrified.

This time of the year is when my husband likes to push me to watch all sorts of terrifying horror movies. It’s truly the one time of the year he can get away with it.

And now, we just added one more to the watch list before all Hallows Eve… Eli.

Eli is Netflix’s newest horror movie and it’s so creepy, viewers are claiming they are seeing demons in the corner of their eye after watching it.

Eli is about a young boy that is allergic to the outside world. He has a rare medical condition where he has to stay inside or in a special media suit.

He heads to a facility for treatment when literally all HELL breaks loose and there is apparently a terrifying twist at the end.

This was directed by the same directors as The Haunting of Hill House so you know it’s good…

Oh, and Max from Stranger Things is in this as well.

Go watch Eli on Netflix now, just fair warning – people are seeing demons after watching it. Ahhhh!

Check out the trailer below for yourself!


Monday 9th of November 2020

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