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Scented Christmas Blankets Exist And They Cost Less Than $10

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One of my fall must-haves are warm and cozy blankets.

There’s nothing like wrapping up in a fuzzy blanket in front of the fire while watching Christmas movies — with a hot chocolate in hand, of course.


But, these fuzzy blankets are next level!

They are actually scented, and I think I have a new obsession.


There are four different scents: Apple Pie, Cocoa, Peppermint, and Pine Tree.

I’m not sure which one screams ‘Fall Is Here’ more!!


Snuggle activated scented throw that will resonate on a cool fall or winter evening. 


These scented blankets are throw blankets — 50 inches by 60 inches — so they are the perfect size for snuggling up on a cool fall day.

Now, as you might imagine, it is important to pay attention to how you are washing these scented throw blankets.


First of all, YES, they are washable.

But, you want to make sure you wash them on a gentle cycle, and only use unscented detergent.

Do not, obviously, use scented laundry beads. 


These scented blankets are less than $10, so they would make SUPER Christmas gifts for anyone on your gift list.

To get your own MagnifiScent Scented Throw Blanket, head on over to the Walmart website.


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