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Bath And Body Works Has Fragrances On Sale For $5 And They Can Just Take All My Money

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You guys! I just stocked up for Christmas. Seriously, I went through EVERYONE on my list, and they are all getting Bath and Body Works in their stockings.

Why? Because a bunch of their fragrances just went to $5 a piece online!

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

This is from their Semi-Annual Sidewalk Sale collection. They have old favorites, like Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Plumeria, and Freesia. They also have some new goodies, like Beachfront Blanket, Boardwalk Taffy, and Black Cherry Merlot (my personal favorite!!).

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works doesn’t often have a sale this great, so when all the ah-mazing scents go on such a deep discount, you stock up!

I am embarrassed to tell you how much I just spent. But, hey! Christmas is taken care of, I’m taken care of, and a couple birthdays for the year are taken care of.

There is a shipping fee, but it is minimal — $5.99 for all the things I got.

You might want to hint to your SO that you NEED these Bath and Body Fragrances. Ha! Some of them ONLY come out during the Semi-Annual Sidewalk Sale, so this is your only chance until next year.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

Even then, it’s a crap shoot whether the scent you love will be back or not. You just don’t know what fragrances they will have from year to year.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

There are Shower Gels, Body Creams, Lotions, and Fine Fragrance Mists (formerly Body Splashes) included in this awesome sale. I found a few sets that will be PERFECT for gifts.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

You know what my favorite thing to do at Christmas time is? Wrap a Bath and Body Works product loosely in tissue paper, and slide it down into a cellophane bag — like you can find in the party section at Walmart. Finish it off with a pretty tied ribbon or raffia string, and you have a BEAUTIFUL instantly wrapped gift.

Courtesy of Bath and Body Works

You’re welcome. See, you can do $5 teacher gifts, $5 mother-in-law gifts, and $5 best friend gifts — and it looks like you spent a TON of money. They will never know the difference!

Go to the Bath and Body Works website to check out the sale before it is too late!

You may also be interested in knowing that Bath and Body Works is closing 50 locations. Look to see if YOUR favorite store made the cut.


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