“Chlorophyll Water” Is The New Hot Drink Trend and I Want To Try It

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The most recent trend to hit the ground running on TikTok, to go viral and to show up on thousands of individual’s “fyp”, is green water.

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Better known as “Chlorophyll water”, the next new beverage craze includes a few drops of liquid chlorophyll in your daily 8 ounces of water.

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Before the new trend hit TikTok, you might remember Iron Man drinking Chlorophyll water to keep healthy in a handful of Marvel movies.

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Who knew years later that Tony Stark’s go to drink would be a popular beverage trend.

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People on TikTok swear by the dark green drink as some individuals even claim that it helps to clear acne, reduce bloating, help with digestion, body odor, and a few other benefits too.

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So far, a verified doctor on TikTok has confirmed a few accusations and yes, drinking chlorophyll water can help with your digestion and reduce bloating!

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However, it has not yet been proven that Chlorophyll water clears acne, although the drops do contain anti-inflammatory antioxidants that are also great for the skin.

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If you do decide to hop on the green water trend, you can get liquid chlorophyll on Amazon for $25.

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