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This Lady Did A Photo Shoot In The Target “Prairie” Dress Everyone Is Talking About And It’s Hilarious!

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I’m sure by now you have seen the dress, the one from Target that people have nicknamed the “pandemic dress” or the “prairie dress”. It’s like ‘Little House on The Prairie” style.


I mean, I can see some people liking it. If you have no clue what I am talking about you can see a photo of the dresses in taken in a Target store below.


They’re pretty legit old school, right? Super old school, kicking it way way back! Anyhow, this woman on Facebook, that I totally want to be friends with now, did a photoshoot in one of the dresses.


Her friend had shared the post above and she promised her friend she would go buy it and do a photo shoot in it.

WELLLLL y’all are in for a treat! Read the 1st picture before you look through them all!! If you don’t have a sense of humor, move along! ?? Photo cred to Peyton!

Laura Waters – Facebook

This is the humor that I needed today and I knew it was something most of you would appreciate as well.


She went all out, this is the kind of friend that I need. I mean, I’m a photographer. I would love to do fun stuff like this! Check out all of her photos below!


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