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Ryan Reynolds And Jim Carrey May Team Up For A New Netflix Movie And I Can’t Wait

Word on the street is that two of my favorite actors are teaming up to bring us a new movie that is going to be on Netflix, and I’m so excited!!

Ryan Reynolds and Jim Carrey are coming together to make a movie for Netflix, and it is supposed to be a musical comedy. Weird, huh? But, I bet with these two it is going to be awesome!

Now, this is actually pure speculation, but the source that leaked the information is said to be pretty reliable.

Ryan Reynolds is actually incredibly busy at the moment. He has been said to have 13 projects on his docket, including A Christmas Carol and Deadpool 3. But, he is slowly but surely making his way through each one.

That apparently hasn’t stopped him from taking on this new role with Jim Carrey, however.

We ARE talking about Netflix, here. They can get anything they want pushed through, and we love them for it. LOL!!

Not much is known about this potential musical comedy project, but you know we will let you know as soon as we hear anymore information.