How To Make A T-Shirt Face Mask

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Since the CDC has recommended that all people wear face masks when leaving the home, there has been a scramble to get some. At this point, anything is better than nothing.

While the masks do not protect like the medical-grade masks being used, they can still help. After all, something is better than nothing, right?

Finding supplies right now can be difficult, but one thing that most of us have at home is T-shirts. I know I have a ton of old t-shirts that I can dedicate to this task.

If you can not sew, don’t stress it! There are ways to use them without sewing! There are also ways to make sewn ones using patterns found for free on the internet.

Please note, these are not as effective as an N95 mask! But at this time some places are issuing fines for not wearing a mask. So you need to have some on hand! Also, some protection is better than no protection!

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You can actually sew a T-shirt face mask with very limited supplies!

This t-shirt face mask by Heddels is only made using a t-shirt, scissors, needle & thread, measuring tape (he also converted measurements using a dollar bill, and a paperclip!

Is it all cutesy and perfect? Nope. Does it work in a pinch? Yep! I love that he used the collar to make the bands to go around the ears. Also, using a paperclip to form the nose piece is pretty genius for those of us with limited supplies at home.

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You can also hand sew a mask from a t-shirt with a filter pocket! No machine required! If you do use a filter make sure you read about furnace filters.

Can’t sew? Don’t stress it! If you have a t-shirt, scissors, 2 rubber bands or hair ties, and a piece of flannel you are all set to make a no-sew t-shirt mask!

The Girl Inspired has a super easy no-sew mask tutorial! Some cutting, rubber bands, and the supplies mentioned above is all that is needed.

Here is another no sew mask that uses a t-shirt and glue…no sewing! She has patterns to print for different sizes as well!

You can also use a t-shirt as a mask without even cutting it! Check this out! 20 seconds! She shows how to do it with both a long sleeve shirt and a short-sleeve shirt.

There is really no excuse to not wear a face-covering with all of these options available. Sew it, don’t sew it. Cute it. Don’t cut it. Just wear it!

Did you know that some people are even using thongs and men’s boxer briefs as face masks? No joke!

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