How to Make A Face Mask Using A Thong

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The CDC is now recommending that we wear face masks while in public. They’ve pretty much said something is better than nothing. From home sewn masks, to no-sew masks.

Cover your face is what they have said, even if it is just a bandana.

There isn’t enough PPE for our medical workers, so we have to make due with what we can.

Some people have taken an out of the box approach to this. Including the use of things like underwear. Even thongs…

While none of these masks are up to the standards of the masks being used by our medical professionals, they say something is better than nothing.

Well, this sure is something! A woman from Scotland posted a video of how she is using a pair of means boxer briefs as a make-shift mask. Yes, men’s underwear. She does state they are clean though!

In the video, you can see that she puts her head through a leg opening covering her nose and mouth. Then she pulls the other leg opening over the top of her head so only her eyes are showing. She’s a dang Ninja!  

I even found others doing the same thing as her with the boxer briefs!

I also found this video of a doctor attempting the same thing. She said it was choking her and she needed a fatter husband!

Then there are these two, they look pretty fashionable in their underwear face masks!

There is also this shopkeeper in the UK using a thong with the Union Jack on it as a face mask! Very patriotic! Talk about a marketing genius!

Another woman did the same:

Again, something is better than nothing and these out of the box ideas might just be genius. First off, just make sure the undies are clean and free from stains.

Second, if you are using a thong, I’d maybe double or triple up for added protection since many of them are really thin.

Now, if you can get your hands on a mask from Cambridge Mask Co you’ll be much better off. Until then…work with what ya got!

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  1. Of course only a M-99 or M-100 mask is of any value in protecting you from the virus. Much like a chain link fence will stop a few mosquitoes or grains of blowing sand, a M-85 or less mask may stop a virus or two.