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Here’s The One Little Trick To Getting Extra Crispy Chicken McNuggets From McDonald’s

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There really aren’t any other nuggies like the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

Like, literally. Good or bad, there aren’t any other chicken nuggets quite like McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

The only problem is, sometimes they can be a bit on the soft side.

Ew. There’s not much worse than biting into a nuggie, and finding a soggy mess.

That’s kind of the reason I avoid the McDonald’s McNuggets. I’ve been surprised one too many times by soft, soggy chicken nuggets.

But, turns out, you can actually get extra crispy McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, and I’m intrigued!

Cue the choir of angels singing.

The idea for the extra crispy McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets first appeared on TikTok earlier this year.

You know how it goes, however. Not everything you see on social media is, in fact, reality.

Since seeing the hack on TikTok, more content creators are attempting to order the extra crispy McNuggets to see if they’re legit.

Time and time again, the content creators are surprised that they are actually ending up with extra crispy Chicken McNuggets.

So, how do you get extra crispy McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets?

You might want to write this down.

Ask for them. That’s it.

Tell the person at the drive-thru speaker that you’d like your McNuggets extra crispy or well done.

These might be the best nuggets I’ve ever had at McDonald’s.

Kevin Uznanski

You’re welcome.


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