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Squishmallows are Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals, So Get Ready To Collect Them All

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It has been entirely too long since McDonald’s Happy Meals have included something cute and squishy.

But, all that’s about to change!!

The next Happy Meal toys in the McDonald’s lineup are — my favorite and yours — Squishmallows!!

Give me all the squishy cuteness!!

There will be 12 different Squishmallows characters that will randomly be placed in select Happy Meal boxes — one Squismallow per box.

For a limited time while supplies last, fans will have the chance to collect up to 12 Squishmallow characters with the purchase of a Happy Meal.


You will have the chance to collect up to 10 different traditional Squishmallow characters that you know and love.

But, there is also the possibility that two of the Squishmallow characters you get in your Happy Meal box will be surprise characters.

One of those Squishmallows is quite literally a surprise. It’s a mystery Squishmallows character that only certain lucky people will find when they open their Happy Meal box.

Then, in select Happy Meal boxes — crossing my fingers and toes — there will be a McDonald’s GRIMACE Squishmallow!! GAH!!!

Each little Happy Meal Squishmallow will also come with a unique playlist that perfectly fits the personality of the character.

This is just too adorable!!

You can access this playlist by scanning a QR code that will be included on your Squishmallow’s box.

To get your own McDonald’s Happy Meal Squishmallows, just head on over to your local McDonald’s restaurant starting on December 26th.


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