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Here Are The Top Slang Terms Of The Year And What They Mean

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When exactly did I get so old?

It seems like just yesterday, I was using teen slang terms, and now I need a dictionary to decipher what the hell my kids are saying.

I swore I would never be that old, but here we are.

It seems like every time I talk to my kids, I find myself saying, “What? What does that even mean?”

And, when did I become “Bruh” instead of Mom?

Some of the current slang words kinda make sense. They are just shortened forms of common words.

But, some of them — who in the heck even came up with them?!? I don’t get it.

The Top Teen Slang Terms Of 2023, And What They Mean

Aesthetic: Another way to say “vibe.” Example: “That outfit — I don’t get her aesthetic.”

Ate/Ate That/Ate And Left No Crumbs: Used when someone does a really good job at something. “I just passed chemistry. Ate and left no crumbs.”

BB: Pronounced “Bee Bee.” Another way to say “babe” or “baby.” Used for friends.

BDE: Stands for “Big D*ck Energy.” It’s a compliment, implying that someone has a lot of confidence.

Bet: A response meaning “yes” or that you agree with something. Example: “Do you want to go to Chick-fil-A?” “Bet.”

BFFR/BFR/Be So FR: Stands for “Be f****** for real”, “Be for real”, or “Be so for real.” It’s used to express disbelief in something. Example: “I swear, I just saw Kendal Jenner at Target.” “Dude, BFFR.”

Big: Used to add emphasis. Example: “I was big mad when my parents took my phone.”

Blueprint: A word used when someone does something so well, they become the gold standard by which everyone else does it. Example: “Kim Kardashian’s aesthetic is amazing.” “She is the blueprint.”

Bougie: Wealthy, flashy, high-class, fancy, materialistic, or snobby.

Bruh: The modern way to say “dude.”

Bussin’: Used when something is really, really good. It’s usually used for food. Example: “Those nuggs look bussin’!”

Caught In 4k: This word means to have proof, and catch someone in the act.

Cap/No Cap: To either lie, or not lie. “I took two naps today, no cap.”

Catch Feels: Used when you develop romantic feelings for someone.

Catch These Hands: This term means “to fight.” The modern way to say “Catch me outside.”

CEO Of: This means to be really good at something. Example: “He is the CEO of math.”

Cheugy: When something is really cringey or awkward

Clapped: Can mean that someone or something is ugly. It also means to be completely obliterated in a physical match.

Doing the most: To be over the top at something.

Drip: When someone is wearing a really cool outfit or a particular item of clothing.

F: A way to show solidarity or the utmost respect when something bad has happened. Example: “My parents caught me sneaking out last night.” “F”

Facts: Used when you agree with something. Example: “He is so hot.” “Facts.”

Fam: The short form of “family.” Can also be used to describe really close friends.

Finsta: It means “Fake Instagram.” This account might be used to down-low lurk on someone, or it might be a second Instagram account that you don’t want your parents to see.

Fire: Used to show when something is amazing. Example: “Her makeup is fire!”

Flex: This word is used to boast about something, to brag, or to show off. Example: “This song really flexes about her fame.”

FR: Another way to say “For Real.”

Gassing: This means to chat, or to hype someone up. Example: “Coach was really gassing up the players before the game.”

GOAT: No, it’s not a furry farm animal. It means “Greatest Of All Time.” Example: “Kanye West is the GOAT.”

Gucci: Another way to say that something is good or cool. “It’s all gucci.”

Highkey: When something is obvious or a sure thing. Example: “I highkey want to go to the Taylor Swift concert.”

IYKYK: It stands for “If you know you know.”

IRL: This stands for “In Real Life.”

Keep it 100: To keep something 100% true. To be true to yourself, and stick to your values.

Left on Read: This means when you text someone, and it shows that they read it, but they don’t respond.

Lewk: This is another way to describe someone’s “look.” It is something that is uniquely theirs.

Lowkey: When something is less obvious, and you don’t want to draw attention to it. A modern way to say “On the down low.” Example: “I lowkey want some nuggs right now.”

Mid: When something is below average, boring, or not good.

Mood: A word to describe when something is so relatable that it is its own mood. Example: “I am so hungry right now.” “Mood.”

Narrative: Used to describe something you would very much not like to participate in. Example: “Keep me out of this. I’m not part of the narrative.”

No Cap: Used to show that you are telling the truth. It’s another way to say “no lie.” Example: “I made it the whole way through math without falling asleep, no cap!”

NPC: Someone who doesn’t think for themselves, and always takes the opinions of others.

Rizz: This is another word for “charisma.” It is used to show that someone has charm. Example: “He has rizz!”

RN: This means to do something right now.

Salty: To be overly sensitive, defensive, or angry.

Say Less: This is another way to say “I understand, and don’t need clarification.” Example: “Do you want to go to Chick-fil-A?” “Say less.”

Shook: You use this when you are completely surprised or caught off guard. Example: “That hoodie is only $30! I’m shook.”

Simp: Another way to say that someone is doing anything they can to get noticed, but it isn’t working.

Slaps: This word is used when something is really good or hits the spot. Example: “This song totally slaps.”

SMH: This stands for “Shaking My Head.”

Smol: This is an alternative way to say the word “small.”

Snack: This means that someone is really attractive. Example: “She’s a snack!”

Snatched: Another way to say that someone or something is good looking. It is a modern way to say “On Fleek.”

Stan: This word is used to show that someone is a hardcore fan.

Sus: This is short for suspicious. Example: “Her motives are sus.”

Take the L: Another way to say “Take The Loss.” It implies that a person should just accept their defeat.

TBH: This means “To Be Honest.”

TFW: This means “That Feeling When.” Example: “TFW you trip going up the stairs.”

This/That Ain’t It Chief: This term means that something is not cool. Example: “KFC chicken is so good.” “That ain’t it chief.”

Touch Grass: This is a way of saying that someone has been online so long they’re losing touch with reality. “I just spent 3 hours watching cooking shows on TikTok. I need to go touch grass.”

V: This is a very short form of the word “very.” Example: “I’m v excited for winter break!”

W: This is pronounced “dub.” It means “a win.”

Whip: For some reason, unbeknownst to me, this term means “car.”

Woke: This means that someone is very aware of current events and social inequalities.

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