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This Map Shows You 5 Of The Best Sledding Hills For The Ultimate Winter Adventure

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‘Tis the season — for sledding!!

Finding the perfect sledding hill is just about the pinnacle of winter goals!

Well, pack your bags and gas up your car’s tank. We found the perfect snow-covered hills for all your sledding shenanigans, and it’s time for a road trip.

It’s not just one sledding hill, either. It’s FIVE hills, and they are all close enough to hit in just a couple of days!!

Where are these perfect sledding hills, you ask?

Colorado, baby!!

Odds are, you’ve heard of a few of these places — they are also famous for being the epicenter of perfect skiing.

I mean, it’s Colorado. Perfect snow-covered hills kind of come with the territory — literally.

So, all you need to do is follow this map, and it will take you to the five best sledding hills around.

You’re going to want to hit Copper Mountain, Snowmass, Winter Park, Telluride Nordic Center, and Frisco Adventure Park.

Grab your sled — you can find an amazing one HERE — and take lots of pictures.

We want to see all the winter fun you have on your sledding adventure!!


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